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If you’re having a baby, an ultrasound helps to ensure your pregnancy is healthy. The highly qualified multidisciplinary obstetrics and gynecology team at Southern Crescent Women's HealthCare offers standard 2D ultrasounds, along with a special 20-minute 3D/4D sneak peek of your growing baby. The images are saved on a CD as a keepsake. If you need prenatal care or would like a glimpse of your growing baby, call one of the locations in Fayetteville, Newnan, and Stockbridge, Georgia, today or book a consultation online.

Ultrasound Q & A

Why do I need an ultrasound?

When you find out you’re pregnant, your provider at Southern Crescent Women's HealthCare recommends an ultrasound examination. An ultrasound is part of routine prenatal care. It allows your provider to correctly date your pregnancy. An ultrasound also assesses the viability of your pregnancy.

Your ultrasound provides information about the growth and health of your pregnancy, including:

  • Whether there’s more than one pregnancy
  • The baby’s position in your uterus
  • The movement, breathing, and heart rate of your baby
  • To estimate of the size and weight of your baby
  • To look for signs of genetic disorders
  • To make sure it’s not an ectopic pregnancy
  • To evaluate the amount of amniotic fluid in your uterus
  • To see where your placenta is located

During and after your ultrasound, your provider discusses the findings and recommends follow-up tests, such as an amniocentesis, if necessary.

What are the types of ultrasounds?

Southern Crescent Women's HealthCare offers the advantages of traditional 2D ultrasounds and advanced 3D/4D ultrasound technologies. Here are the differences between 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds:

  • 2D ultrasound: Uses sound waves to create a two-dimensional image that appears flat, like a photo
  • 3D ultrasound: Produces images that look more realistic and may make it easier to see developmental problems
  • 4D ultrasound: Creates movie-like images of your baby as they move

Because the images are more realistic, Southern Crescent Women's HealthCare offers 3D/4D ultrasounds as keepsake gifts. The service is available at the Fayetteville location.

When do I have ultrasounds?

Your provider at Southern Crescent Women's HealthCare performs your first ultrasound early in your pregnancy. You’ll have a second anatomical ultrasound when you’re 20 weeks along. This ultrasound allows your provider to screen for any developmental abnormalities. These ultrasounds are typically 2D and covered by insurance.

For a 3D/4D ultrasound showing your baby’s gender and heartbeat, you’ll want to schedule your ultrasound after 16 weeks. After 28 weeks, Southern Crescent Women's HealthCare offers a 20-minute 3D/4D sneak peek of your growing baby. You may want to include family during this session.

Southern Crescent Women's HealthCare provides you with a CD of the ultrasound. These types of ultrasound aren’t considered medically necessary and cost $50 and $125, respectively.

If you’re pregnant and would like the advantage of having a 3D/4D ultrasound as a keepsake, Southern Crescent Women's HealthCare offers the ultrasound choices you and your family deserve. Call today or schedule a consultation online.