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Minor Illness During Pregnancy


Minor Illness

If you get a minor illness, such as a cold, runny nose, mild sore throat, headache, or temperature less than 100.4° the following is a list of safe medications that can be used. You can also download and print this Safe Medications in Pregnancy document. For any symptoms below lasting more than 3 days, call (770) 991-2200 to speak with the Triage Nurse or On-call Provider.

Cold, Hayfever and Congestion

Follow the directions on the package and do not exceed the recommended dose:

  • Tylenol (e.g., Tylenol Severe Cold and Sinus)
  • Sudafed
  • Actifed
  • Robitussin
  • Chlor-Trimeton
  • Benadryl
  • Claritin
  • Zyrtec

*Do not use if you have high blood pressure. Avoid medications with Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) or phenylephrine.

Other comfort measures for colds include:

  • Saltwater nasal drops
  • Warm, wet compress to your sinus area to help them open and draining
  • Keep room heat on a lower setting – it helps keep the air from being too dry
  • A vaporizer or humidifier can help keep moisture in the air; sleep on extra pillows to keep your head elevated
  • Drink plenty of fluids to help keep you hydrated
  • Cough Drops
  • The only active ingredient found to be effective in over-the-counter cough medicines is “DM” (dexatromethoraphan), e.g., Robitussin DM
  • Breathe Right nasal strips

Sore Throat

  • Chloraseptic spray
  • Warm salt water gargles
  • Throat lozenges


  • Avoid foods containing milk products and caffeine
  • Drink plenty of fluids to help keep you hydrated


  • Metamucil, Citrucel, or Benefiber
  • Miralax or Milk of Magnesia
  • Colace 100mg tablets, 1-2 times daily
  • Fleets enema if condition unresolved by other methods


  • Tucks – may want to keep them cool in refrigerator for increased pain relief
  • Preparation H cream and suppositories
  • Ice packs

Heartburn & Gas

  • Gas-X
  • Tums, Mylanta, or Maalox
  • Pepcid or Zantac

Fever, Muscle Aches and Headaches

  • Tylenol-Regular Strength or Extra Strength – Follow the directions on the package and do not exceed the recommended dose


  • Aspirin products
  • Ibuprofen products, such as, Advil, Nuprin and Motrin
  • Naproxen products, such as, Aleve or Anaprox during pregnancy

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