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Ultrasounds Services


Southern Crescent Women’s HealthCare (SCWH) offers our patients two entertainment ultrasounds options. These keepsake ultrasounds are offered to promote the bonding experience between mother, father and baby, and allow siblings and grandparents to share a sense of closeness with you and your baby. Keepsake ultrasounds are not used for diagnostic purposes nor do they replace your fetal anatomy ultrasound performed around the 20th week of your pregnancy.

Gender 2D Ultrasound

A gender 2D ultrasound provides you the opportunity to get a “sneak peek” of your baby’s gender. The optimal time to schedule your gender ultrasound is around 16-18 weeks. This service includes a CD with 2D photos.

Price: $50
Duration: 10 minutes

  • Gender Determination
  • Heartbeat
  • 3D Sneak Peek CD with Photos

3D/4D Ultrasound

A 3D/4D ultrasound is usually done when you are around 28-32 weeks pregnant. This keepsake ultrasound shows a three-dimensional picture of your baby as well as 4D imaging that allows you to see your baby’s movements.

Price: $125
Duration: 20 minutes

  • Gender Determination
  • Heartbeat
  • DVD of session & CD of photos

The 3D/4D ultrasound services are available in our Fayetteville location only.

Ultrasound Services must be the paid at time of scheduling. Appointments are available in the afternoons or on Saturdays.


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