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Test Results


Your normal GYN labs results will be sent to you based on the notification method you selected at time of scheduling or check-in to your appointment. All abnormal results needing attention will be handled by a personal phone call from our office or a return visit. You will be notified by text, email or phone call depending on your request. You can also visit

Gynecology Patients:

  • Negative blood pregnancy results are available in 24 hours after 1:30 pm
  • Cultures are available in 72 hours
  • Allow 2 weeks for blood, Pap and pathology results

Obstetric Patients:

  • Labs will be discussed at next appointment
  • Patients with abnormal results will receive a phone call

If you have not received a notification within 2 weeks, please call our office and ask to speak with the phone nurse. If you would like to change your delivery notification method, please contact our office.


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