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Contacting SCWH


Your phone call will normally be answered by a staff operator. She will assist in directing your call to the proper location. Any emergency calls will be directed to the physician or nurse-midwife on call at the hospital. In addition to our appointment schedulers, referral coordinator and surgery coordinator, we have a triage team, headed by an RN, who is dedicated solely to facilitating your care. All calls directed to the triage phone system will be processed in order of urgency and need, with a commitment to returning all calls as quickly as possible. Remember to leave all phone numbers with your message where you might easily be reached with a response.  We respect the privacy of our patients, therefore, we uphold patient confidentiality strictly at all times.


For quicker response, go to our website and log in to your account. If you do not have an account, our front desk will send you an invitation to join the portal. offers many benefits and time-saving steps to access information during or after hours. Prescription refills and questions to providers will be answered Monday through Friday.

As a patient at Southern Crescent Women’s HealthCare, you assume a personal responsibility for your account with us. Should you experience a change of insurance, your name, address or phone number we expect you to notify us. Correct data is critical to the filing of insurance claims as well as allowing us to reach you concerning medical issues.


Our Office Locations