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What is a Keepsake Ultrasound?

What is a Keepsake Ultrasound?

Finding out you’re expecting a new child is always exciting! But, having to wait nine months to find out special details about them can seem unbearable. Now, thanks to new developments in technology, you can see your unborn baby at the doctor’s office — and continue seeing them at home! 

At Southern Crescent Women’s HealthCare, with offices in Fayetteville, Newnan, and Stockbridge, Georgia, our OB/GYN providers are excited to offer keepsake ultrasounds. With this service, you can see your baby, get photographs of them, and more.

All about keepsake ultrasounds

As an expectant mom, you’re probably familiar with standard prenatal ultrasounds, which are used to check the health and well-being of your unborn baby. A keepsake ultrasound, on the other hand, is a nonmedical ultrasound that gives you a sneak peak of your growing baby. 

In other words, keepsake ultrasounds give families an opportunity to make special memories, learn the baby’s gender, and check out the baby’s facial expressions and movements — all before the little one makes their entrance into the world.

You get a choice of two imaging services, which are the following:

Learn your baby’s gender with 2-D keepsakes

If you and your family just can’t wait to learn if you’re expecting a boy or girl, the gender 2-D ultrasound is a great option for you! With this ultrasound, you can see your baby’s sex at around 16-18 weeks.

Within just a few minutes, your provider can show you and your family the gender of your baby. You also get the chance to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, and you get a CD that contains photographs of your child. 

Get a close-up look at your baby with 3-D/4-D keepsakes

With this service, you get to learn your baby’s gender as well, but you also get to see your growing baby up close with a 3-D ultrasound. This ultrasound is typically performed around 28-32 weeks and shows you three-dimensional images of your child, which are put on a CD for you to enjoy later. Furthermore, you get 4-D imaging that records your baby’s motions and heartbeat, which are put on a DVD.

Advantages of keepsake ultrasounds

Keepsake ultrasounds offer many advantages and emotional rewards for you and your loved ones. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

1. Learn your baby’s gender sooner

Waiting to find out if you’re having a girl or a boy may be one of the most challenging parts of pregnancy. Although there are other ways to find out your baby’s sex prior to their birth, keepsake ultrasounds give you the chance to find out your baby’s gender sooner. 

2. Boost maternal-infant bonding

Seeing your baby for the first time can help build maternal-infant bonding. With a keepsake ultrasound, you don’t have to wait those nine long months to see your baby’s movements and features, and it can help you feel more connected with your unborn child.  

3. Let other family members meet your baby

It can be difficult for family members to feel as close to your new baby as you feel. For young siblings, it can be especially difficult to imagine a real baby growing inside their mom. A keepsake ultrasound can help make the baby feel real to them, and it can help foster a special bond between siblings. 

Keepsake ultrasounds can also help fathers, grandparents, and other family members bond with your unborn child as they get to see the baby’s movements and features, which can include smiles, thumb-sucking, and somersaults.   

If you’re expecting and are interested in learning more about keepsake ultrasounds, our team at Southern Crescent Women’s HealthCare can answer any questions you have and decide on the best time for you to meet your baby on screen. To learn more, call 770-991-2200 or book an appointment online today.

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