Piedmont Fayette Hospital Listed as One of the Top 20 Hospitals with...

Piedmont Fayette Hospital was listed as one of the top 20 hospitals with the lowest primary cesarean rate by Consumer Reports in 2015. According to Consumer Reports, “27% of first-time mothers with low-risk deliveries had a C-section.”

This rate was attained in a 9-month period from an annual hospital survey conducted by The Leapfrog Group; and published in June of 2017.

Southern Crescent Women’s HealthCare is the largest practice at Piedmont Fayette hospital, doing the majority of the deliveries. We offer high quality and comprehensive obstetrical care for expectant mothers in a warm and nurturing environment. Our obstetricians, nurse practitioners and certified nurse-midwives are here to support you in all stages of pregnancy, from your initial appointment to confirm your pregnancy, through the prenatal care visits, ultrasounds, labor & delivery, to post-partum follow-up.

We invite you to contact us at (770) 991-2200 to schedule your appointment. We have offices (Stockbridge, Newnan, and Fayetteville) to serve you.

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