‘Mono Mono’ Twins Born at Piedmont Newnan

Photo via Piedmont.org. Baby Lilli with Dr. Deborah Shepard and Dr. Heather Turner of Southern Crescent Women’s HealthCare.

Photo via Piedmont.org. Baby Lilli with Dr. Deborah Shepard and Dr. Heather Turner of Southern Crescent Women’s HealthCare.

An article by Piedmont Healthcare titled Two Sets of Rare ‘Mono Mono’ Twins Born at Piedmont Newnan shares the amazing stories about two sets of rare identical twins, called “mono mono” twins delivered there – less than a week apart! The article leads with a photo of baby Lilli with Dr. Deborah Shepard and Dr. Heather Turner of Southern Crescent Women’s HealthCare (above).

The Floyd family welcomed their twin girls, Lilli Rose and Emma Violet, on August 1st, 2017, at 32-weeks gestation, weighing over three pounds each and measuring 16 inches long. “The staff has been awesome throughout my entire stay,” said Olga Floyd in the article. “The hardest part was being away from my family. They visited every day and I set-up toys and games and tried to make it fun for them.” The Floyds have a five-year old daughter and four-year old son who are so excited to meet their new sisters and have their mom return home.

Each set of twins will stay in Piedmont Newnan’s level III NICU until they reach the developmental milestones needed to go home.

To read the full article, click here.

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